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Professional Development

CPD steps for a Student or Counsellors
a) For a Student :-A student, once he/she registers, receives support in the form of CPDs, from CCI and the concerned Member Association, to enable him/her to become Counselling ready. This would be in the form of 1) Executive Development Programs, 2) Workshops, 3) Internships etc. The student can take during his/her vacations or holidays. For these credits are given to the student. View details

Become a certified Counsellor

Counsellors help people to deal with their feelings and responses, and decide on actions they can take to solve problems and create change in their lives.CCI will help to provide legitimate certification to work as certified counsellor within country. To become a counsellor you need to understand that-
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Register as Partner

Since 2004, our association for Counsellors has been working to develop counselling services nationwide. As a result counselling is now offered more widely throughout the nation. Counselling improves people’s lives and can make a significant contribution to alleviating world difficulties. Now, delivering CCI’s aims requires Time, Money and Hard Work. We require you to help us for this work and we would be grateful for your support. View details


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Report & Document

As a premier institute for Counsellors, CCI provides critical knowledge, innovation, best counselling practice and therapeutic support to the country. To enable this, we are building ourselves as a Subject Resource Centre – a repository of research on counselling technique, strategies and best practices.
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Counsellor Council of India Counselling Centre`s

Counsellor Council of India state chapter associations serve as the state-level affiliates of CCI and represent the institutions of certified counselling centre that prepare counsellors within the state. Chapters provide expertise services for counsellor, educators or students to take a unified position on state-specific issues and to meet as partners or as responsible adversaries with the state departments, View details