>> Handbook on School Counselling

A Counselor undergoes multiple phases during its journey from students to growth as professional Counselor. This Handbook for Counselor or person working in the same areas like Teachers, NGO Worker and school Managers highlights various aspects of the preparatory and development phases of the Counselor journey. Rather than being a theoretical Counselor, this Handbook intends to be a hands-on guide for current and future Counselling areas. Certain aspects of Counselling like Personal Social Counselling, career Counselling and Life skill development guidance measuring impact that necessitates a deeper research-oriented discussion have intentionally been toned down. Instead, a practical framework that might help counselor to plan their annual curriculum actions has been put forward. By combining high level strategy and on-ground implementation psychological tools, this Handbook hopes to encourage counselor to think actively about various topics and develop stronger Counselling models. While the Handbook has been chronologically arranged, day to day decision-making seldom follows this path. It is, therefore, important to get familiarized with all aspects of Counselling sessions presented here and utilize the strategies and tools as required. This Handbook also encourages new and existing counselors to share their experience, suggest newer approaches and ultimately build upon this Handbook.


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