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Promoting Mental Health and Psychosocial Competence in students

The school’s environment has profound effects on the health and well-being of children and adolescents. Connectedness to school has been found protective against a range of adverse health and education outcomes for young people including depression, bullying, violence and academic performance. In India, approximately a third of the population is aged between 10-24 years. Given the rising rate of school enrolment in India, there is great potential for schools to serve as a platform for promoting adolescent health.

Drawing from the World Health Organization’s Health Promoting Schools framework, our program emphasizes the importance of positive school climate/environment, i.e. supportive relationships among school community members, a sense of belonging to school, a participative school environment, and student commitment to academic values. The intervention identifies four priority areas for action: promoting social skills among adolescents; engaging the school community i.e. adolescents, teachers and parents in school-level decision-making processes; providing access to factual knowledge about health and risk behaviours to the school community; and enhancing problem-solving skills among adolescents.

We offer interactive talks, workshops and sessions for students, parents, and educators, The program is designed to address concerns around child and adolescent mental health. Our workshops is focussed towards enabling positive parenting, effective teaching and providing stronger coping life skills to children and adolescents.

This program can be adapted to the needs of the school community. The intervention components can be tailored to any topics as per the needs of various beneficiaries and stakeholders. The school management, teachers, parents, students and local community are the major stakeholders in the program for the school. We have three different modalities to organize theses sessions.

  1. Leading the day at Assembly
  2. Offline / Virtual Seminars or Workshop for students
  3. Offline / Virtual Events for Educators and parents

Leading the day at Assembly

30 Min. Session at Assembly Includes one live presentation (virtual or in-person) by specialized Psychologist or Trainer.

The session includes an overview of mental health, self-esteem, and coping skills for stress and exam anxiety& many more.

Session length can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Offline / Virtual Seminars or Workshop for students

Includes 10 live virtual or in person seminar/ Workshopfrom expert psychologist or trainer for the Mental Health and Well being related topics.

The session topics includes an overview of mental health, COVID-19 & Mental Health, Diversity & Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Human Needs, Motivation,Trauma, Boundaries, Depression, Anxiety, Coping Skills, Suicide Prevention, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Mental Conditions & Disorders, Addiction & Self Harm, Responsibility, Resiliency etc.

Offline / Virtual Seminars or Workshop for Educators and parents

Includes our 02 Virtual / In- person Conference with Parenting and Career Guide Experts. PLUS, TWO BONUS PROGRAMS: Parent & Guardian Program & Teacher Training.

This program provides a multi-tiered system of support and is the BEST VALUE for school.

All sessions are live, and recordings are captured for asynchronous learning