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Program Basics

Brain & Behaviour Rewa is offering training and resources in career and college counselling to high schools students across the country at no cost. The Career & College Counselling Conference & Career Expo is an opportunity to the students of high schools and higher education representatives for a collaborative dialogue on issues that prompt solutions in career and college admission counselling practices.

The conference features Career Information sessions and networking opportunities for school leaders, counsellors, teachers, university leaders, university admission representatives, and educational organizations to learn, connect, and build relationships. We planned that every year, the conference and expo will highlights a newtheme which focuses discussions and effortsfor the futureof career and college counselling.

Event Schedule

Wednesday, 24 January 2024
Krishna Raj Kapoor Auditorium - Rewa Madhya Pradesh

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Registration Category

School Delegates

  • Professional development for School Leader / Teachers through learning sessions and workshops.
  • Build connections with other high school Teachers/ Universities represenbtative to broaden your knowledge about admissions scholerships and counselling services.
  • Expand and strengthen your network: 5000+ educators and Career Counsellors.
  • Showcase your school in the Career Exhibits Event.

University Delegates

  • Meet and connect directly with 30+ high school delegates and students at Rewa.

  • Showcase your institution, provide guidnace and support to the students regarding the admissions and scholerships facilities in the Career Exhibits Event at Rewa M.P.

  • Expand and strengthen your network: conect more than 5,000+ educators and Career Counsellors.

Other Organization Delegate

  • Participate in the First Career conference and Expo for School students, Counsellors and educators at Rewa.
  • Expand and strong the mourned work: 5,000+ educators or Career Counsellors across the country.
  • Connect with high school delegates and university delegates during networking and Pre Conference sessions

High School & Senior Secondary School

  • All events, sessions and networking on 23 & 24 January 2024.
  • Access to B&B Career Expo.
  • Expert Career Talk.
  • Free Entry for all students

University, Coaching Institutions

  • Pre-conference virtual networking.
  • All Events, sessions and networking on 23 & 24 Jan 2024.
  • Your own exhibit table at the University exhibition 24 Jan 2024.
  • Access to B&B Career Expo.
  • 01 lunches and 01 dinner.

Ed-Tech / Banking & Financial Institute

  • Pre-conference virtual networking.
  • Allevents, sessions and networking on 23 & 24 Jan 2024.
  • Your own exhibit table at the University Exhibits on 22 Jan 2024.
  • Access to B&B Career Expo.
  • 01 lunches and 01 dinner.

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Career Expo- Proposed Schools

And many M.P. Board Schools Students.


Participating Institutions

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