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Helping in Research and understanding human behaviour

Looking after your health and wellbeing is essential to being your best at the University. Life at university can be exciting and interesting, as well as bring challenges such as adjusting to a new environment and the general stress of student life. Sometimes it can be difficult to reach out to family and friends, or deal with things by ourselves. Psychological support and Counselling can be helpful during these times.

Our Work-life balance-based learning solutions, help Universities embed employability into their curriculum. These internship embedded courses provide the necessary hands-on learning experience to the students which go a long way in building their professional life. Learning by Doing and Earning while Learning are very strong principles help immensely in improving the employability of the graduates. CCI works with about 4500 Psychologist across the country for its internship embedded degree programs.

We offer a diverse range of services to universities to help students. We address concerns such as executive functioning, work-life balance, Professional Development program, our team works collaboratively with Universities and Esteemed professionals to transform students into a professional. We provide individualized internship and proficiency-based training on different psychological modalities.

In addition to the services, we provide within CCI community, we offer academic consultation, transition support, and therapeutic services to students who are struggling to co-manage their mental health and academic lives. Our specialized services provide opportunities for students to better understand strengths and areas of growth, build adaptive skills to help manage the demands of a college environment, enhance campus supports and relationships, and assess readiness to increase academic and social demands.

We have three different modalities to support the universities :

Setting up Psychology Club/ Counselling Centre in University Campus

At the University Counselling Service, we strive to be anti-racist. We are working to ensure that every student, feels welcome in our servicewithout any biased. We are offering our services from trained and expert professionals to listen openly and non-defensively, and to provide effective emotional and psychological support.

Mental health and well-being is an important component of student success. As such, we strive to support your successful adjustment to university through responsive, skills-based and proactive engagement.

Technology and Knowledge support to run / develop curriculum and syllabus for psychological science courses

At the University CCI helps to setting up an Excellence Centre of Psychology and Well Being to provide world class educational and Professional learning opportunities to the students.

We help to run Psychology related courses, providing industry relevant training and internships to the psychology students, enhance their awareness, expand their Industry connect and, in the process, increase their employability.

We take up joint Consulting and Projects to the Institution such as: Psychology Internship,Psychology Courses & Certifications, Psychology Training /Sessions/ Webinars.

Offline / Virtual Personality Development & Wellness Events for students and Employee

At the University CCI will offer Personality Development and Employee Wellness Program for the Professionals and staff of the University.

We also offer best services for mental health and wellbeing no matter whether Face to Face or Digital.

It Helps employees to live a stress-free and more productive life and maintaining the work-life balance.

No matter their location, employees receive immediate support for what matters most to them

All sessions are live, and recordings are captured for asynchronous learning