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PosiTips Wellness Centre:

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We are improving the business of counseling.

PosiTips, Client-centric Multidimensional Approach

Counsellor Council of India (An Unit of posiTips Cafe India Pvt. Ltd.) was established on November 22, 2017 as an Apex body of Counsellors, by coming together of a large number of Professionals, Organizations/Institutions of Counsellors to work for the advancement of Counselling profession in various disciplines and for enhancing the image of counsellors in society, by focusing on quality and accountability of counsellors. Since 2004, we have worked to advance the development of counselling through practice, education, research, and advocacy initiatives. CCI advances the development of counselling in order to improve people’s lives and well-being.

Counsellor Council of India`s (CCI`s) primary purpose is to support counsellors and help them better serve their clients with an valid identity. Our Association was formed nearly 15 years ago by a group of counsellors who were passionate about the value of counselling and its potential to improve the lives of individuals and communities. This passion and commitment, and the knowledge that counselling changes lives are still at the heart of everything we do. In the 15 years leading up to November 2017, we undertook a strategic review of our Association’s mission, values and objectives. We consulted with our members to find out what they wanted from us and how we could best support them. This feedback resulted in our new strategy, a restructure of our working pattern and a reprioritizing of our resources. At this month of November 2017 we launched our new strategy.

We introduce this new strategy with a vision and explain how we’ll go about achieving our strategic intents in the coming years. We believe Counselling changes lives for the better and reduces suffering. CCI`s humanitarian movement advocates for more access to counselling nationwide for that council lobbies and influences governments and international organizations to have counselling better recognized as a profession. CCI helps to establish counselling structures in country. (e.g. National Portal for Counseling Assistance or National Portal of Counsellors ) and will proudly serves at the forefront of connecting counsellors worldwide.

It started with an idea.

In 2018, CCI was launched to create a completely new philosophy of care in the counseling and mental health field, with the goal to deliver excellent Psychological care and premium career development service to individuals, couples and families. Today, CCI is expanding through PosiTips Wellness Centre in India, As a franchisee, you’ll become a part of a movement to create accessible, client-focused Psychological care provider across the Country .

Now its Your turn

The future looks bright

The industry is growing faster than ever

Top 10 Reasons to Franchise

1. Zero set up cost*

A PosiTips Wellness Centre franchise is a Multidimensional Psychological counseling platform, not limited to only one type of counselling services like career counselling or marital counselling or Mental Health counselling. We provide the holistic counselling services to the client to have a unique and high-quality experience with confidentiality and professionalism.

2. Govt. Affiliation

A PosiTips Wellness Centre franchise will be a Govt affiliated counselling centre , one of its kind in country. The center will have Valid empanelment / affiliation form state and Central Govt. to offer their services

3. Training and Mentorship

PosiTips Wellness Cetre Franchisees will offer to all the franchise holder counsellor or psychologist a complementary training for the Mentorship. This begins with 2 days of training trough webinar / Face to face (at any active PosiTips Wellness Centre counseling location). After that, franchises receive unlimited Expatriation Training / Workshop provided by subject expert typically every month .

4. Psychologist / Counsellor Community

Member interact and share experiences with like-minded PosiTips Wellness Centre business owners. Our community is extremely active with ongoing discussions through online or private discussion board through official discussion forum . We also host a monthly training and group video conference for the feedback and suggestion.

5. Operations Manual (Unique Business Model)

The operations model is very simple, we are now following the Expert counselling service module . In this model the PosiTips Wellness Centre will offer all kind of psychological Counselling and Therapy services as per the counsellor qualification, including the psychometric assessment.

6. The “Family Effect”

Experience the group learning and positive relationships with all the other counsellor, the family effect continues to grow with the Franchise community.

7. Trusted Premium Brand

PosiTips Wellness Centre under CCI has been featured in various National and Sate level events including the publication and press news in the country. You will have a trusted brand name for your center and easy to accessible with state level CCI Chapters

8. Extensive Operations Support

Dedicated backend support includes Resources, Affiliation , Training , Marketing, promotional activities.

9. Website Development and Promotion

CCI & PosiTips Wellness Centre web team will support to all your activates like website development, promotion, and more. You won’t find anything like this anywhere.

10. Innovations and Technologies

From our counseling app “PosiTips*”, to expertise in online counseling, to online support chat, to technology for clients to provide review feedback by text, join a brand with a mindset for safe and productive innovation.

Bonus: Affordabl

It’s affordable ,our franchise fees are the lowest in the industry. Our operational services, while incredible. We truly believe PosiTips Wellness Centre practice can be launched and operated more affordably, and more effectively, than any other counseling practice in existence.


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